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For more than thirty years Touch the Future has been interviewing visionary educators, authors, scientists, researchers and performance specialists. Uniting each is a deep appreciation of the limitless capacity for children to love and to learn. This collection of visionaries is the heart of Touch the Future On-Line, our interactive, searchable Internet site, designed to share these collected insights with the world. 

We publish an internet Newsletters often featuring one or more of these interviews. Subjects include brain development, prenatal consciousness, the nature of intelligence, nonviolent communication, adoption, the ecology of children and nature, the biology of nurturing, birth, bonding, original play, peak performance and more. 

We have organized and video taped invitational symposiums, hosted national educational conferences, produced audio and video tapes, published books, hosted bi-annual dialogues, organized a speakers bureau featuring leading specialists in early childhood and have collaborated with other organizations to support their efforts on behalf of children and families. 

Our greatest accomplishment is perhaps our vision for the future. Touch the Future is positioned to make a significant contribution to the early children and families. The vision and inspiration of the research community has never been greater, nor has the need. The majority of young children are in institutional care, beginning in infancy—many for extended periods. Professional childcare has replaced the extended family as the source of nurturing and emotional security for most children. Many of today’s parents were the product of childcare themselves, and are often uneasy caring for their own children.

  • Families, especially single parents, feel isolated and unsupported.
  • Most mothers of young children choose or out of necessity remain in the workforce.
  • There is a critical shortage of quality, child-centered care programs. The demand for even custodial-based facilities exceeds the supply.
  • There exist confusing, often conflicting models for appropriate childcare and parenting. 
  • Few resources are available, at the local level, for continuing early childhood education for parents and professionals.
  • There is growing awareness of research which links child abuse and neglect during the formative years to brain damage, depression, aggression, learning disabilities, and later adult patterns of addiction and violence.

We Touch the Future by addressing these needs and many others, with proactive, positive and nurturing support for parents,educators and caregivers.

What We Do

We build bridges of understanding between the visionary research community and those who are caring for and mentoring children. Our focus is the caregiver. By helping those who care for children become more knowledgeable, sensitive, and empathic, we Touch the Future of every child they meet. 

More has been discovered about child and human development in the past fifty years than in all of human history. The challenge is not to discover new information. It is to reach out and share this vast body of insight with today’s parents, educators, caregivers and coaches, and to do this in ways that support, inform and inspire. 

We target specific groups of adults, new mothers, day-care providers, amateur athletic coaches, educators, and create learning designs that speak their unique language, communication tools that meet their specific needs. 

Each audience becomes a project, and each project meets a critical need of that audience. Projects range from publications, videotapes and computer based learning tools to symposiums, conferences, intimate workshops, dialogues and year-long mentoring programs. 

As a Non Profit Learning Design Center we Touch the Future by supporting, educating and inspiring adults who care for children.


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The Academy

The Academy at Touch the Future

Our Academy is a unique, dynamic, user lead platform that instantly filters and sorts hundreds of hours of in-depth personal interview focusing in on the themes and issues that are most important to you; pregnancy, birth, bonding, parenting, the origins of love and violence, athletics, optimum states of learning and performance, expanding human potential and amazing capacities and self-infected limitations.


Gabor Mate, MD

Enjoy hundreds of interviews, insights and often rare footage of the thought leaders of human potential. Michael collected these very personal interviews over forty years as a filmmaker and documentary producer. Follow Touch the Future on YouTube, and become a supporting member of The Academy, to discover new releases.

Joseph Chilton Pearce Library

Joseph Chilton Pearce is original, unique.

Joseph Chilton Pearce is original, unique. No one has done what Joe has done; passionately and incisively exploring a view of near limitless human potential and the self-imposed limitations that inhibit and block that unfolding, describing both and how they relate. Read Michael's full description of Joe and his work here.

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