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It is possible to create a new world by transforming ourselves and modeling that for our children? The intellect can't save us. Something else is needed.

What athletes call the zone, researchers call flow and children call play transforms the present by breaking patterns that have enslaved humanity for millennia.

Authentic play, with its empathy, care, sensitivity, wonder and affection is the only force strong enough to bring about the change we know is needed, now. 

To understand this force we need to rediscover what authentic play feels like, in the mind and the body.

In 1987 Michael founded Touch The Future, a nonprofit learning design center whose mission is to promote Optimum Learning Relationships between adults and children. A five-year exploration of optimum states of learning, wellness, and peak performance led to a revolutionary parenting and coaching model the authors call The Intelligence of Play. Touch the Future's top agenda is to provide a lasting foundation for Pearce's legacy and to extend this model for Optimum Learning Relationships to specific populations: preschool, Head Start, and child care providers, public education, and amateur athletics.

A documentary and educational filmmaker, Michael has researched and explored sensitive issues: domestic violence and rape, the impact of media on learning, cultural and human development, the nature of intelligence, holistic learning models, the changing family, prenatal learning, the roots of violence, creativity and peak performance. For two decades Michael has gathered and published interviews with more than fifty researchers, scientists, authors and performance specialists, including David Bohm, J. Krishnamurti, Ashley Montagu and, of course, Joseph Chilton Pearce. Michael and Joe have been close colleagues for years. The unique tone of Magical Parent - Magical Child is an expression of their long-standing friendship and shared passions. Copies of the full interviews featured in Magical Parent - Magical Child gathered by Michael can be found at

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